By now you may wonder what I could be talking about. Well, considering that it is not the popular Rolex watch, let’s dive into it.

What is it?

A Rolex (Rolla), by Ugandan standard, is your Chapati rolled with an egg omelet and some basic vegetables (in a nutshell). Some say it is your version of a hot dog but frankly I think it is our version of a sushi, just not cut into small pieces, as preferred by many. And please do not worry it starts at $0.5 (equate 1 chapati/ 1 egg/ vegetables)

It is always as you like it; that’s if you have got the experience already, You get an egg(s) mix with some salt, vegetables (if preferred in the mix or as toppings), fry (do not burn), put it on the chapati(s), then roll. If your taste buds do not shout, I will pay you back a sweet refund.

You cannot pass any major and minor town without a stall steaming with a smoky list of orders. Refreshingly, it is a perfect delicacy by most natives, and so goes any visitor (tourist), who’s made a stop to order for one.

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In as much there isn’t a clear-cut origin to pinpoint the origin of this delicacy, a few things we know.

The chapati is from Asia but largely penetrated to Uganda through the coastal Arab traders from Mombasa. Considering that this has been with us for ages, the people of Busoga popularized the trade. This wave has undoubtedly span in all regions of Uganda, the Central having the largest interest in this form of food.

“You cannot pass any major and minor town without a stall steaming with a smoky list of orders.”

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This delicacy is going no where, just the past year (2016) in August, the ministry in charge of Tourism, on the Annual Rolex Festival in Kampala, launched the Ugandan Rolex as one of our own product, and relatively an attraction.

Let’s do it.

In as much as there are many mixed feelings to this maiden “achievement”, many restaurants are largely hanging on and advancing the trend. An ordinary restaurant or a fancy one can charge from about $1.5 to $5 respectively for a Rolex, not to mention the unmatched new flavors and toppings that accompany the Rolla.

Hopefully you decide to take a leap of faith and taste the Ugandan Rolex the next time you are in town.

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