I believe by now you have packed your bags, ready to travel to Uganda and possibly unaware of how much your daily life is going to change. But wait, is it going to change that much, you ask yourself? Will I still shop on Amazon?, or hail a taxi on the Uber app? Later on order food to my door step.

Let’s explore the possibilities.

The effect of Globalism on how we live universally.

No boundaries, endless possibilities, is more of the out cry that globalism seemingly echoes. This has made even closed countries like China open up in the past decade to a more global market that we all kind of share. The internet played a big role in globalization by taking the first big-leap as it were, considering you are knowing things about Uganda you had no idea about through this site.

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Refreshingly, various businesses including internet-based entities have setup here, for example, the Jumia conglomerate.

We are not that different after all.

Inevitably Uber as a taxi hailing business, had it’s road cut out already.

Just last year alone, after it’s launch here, it had major numbers in enrollment on it’s platform. This shows you that we too want the very things that these “global-inroads” have to offer. In fact the same year we had Uber’s entry, our very own companies launched are are still in operation. Some include;

  • Quick taxi
  • Friendship taxi
  • Safe Boda (Boda-Boda hailing app)
  • etc.

This sort of reminds me of what heat Uber had to take in China when local companies chew a large chunk of it’s share after months of operation.

Hail that taxi.

There is more need for the convenience taxi hailing brings, and hopefully we will see more innovations in the same docket. Do not uninstall that app, just connect to a local ISP and install more taxi hailing apps.

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